Object d’Art

Object d'Art

Occasional tables draped with rich velvet, footstools, chairs and sofas luxuriously padded, tasseled and buttoned. Furniture adorned or festooned with fabric, items made in papier mache. With its elaborate decoration, painting and gilding, no period interior is complete without the lavish and colorful of these decorative objects.

By a subtle and inevitable process, the person who cares for their house can easily become a collector of all things that are representative of time past. Essential items such as embroidered table linens, tasseled pillows, small collections of family photographs, the domestic domain showcases the inspired creativity of the owner.

Many of the wonderful items to grace the homes of the 18th and 19th century were hand made, Victorian beadwork , all sorts of cushions, bell-pulls, stool tops and banner screens ornamented in bead-mosaic, and still look at home to-day in either a period or contemporary setting.